Subtle Tragedies (Pasha Agoes)

I’m very enjoy read this book, because all section tells about live story that real happened. Pasha Agoes that I respect as a writer not only tells about work and his live story but also give us understanding about live value.

The main idea is many people are successful in their jobs and make a lot of money, but hate what they do and called Subtle tragedies. The interesting story from many people-Agoes Pasha’s friends-give something like experiences. He tells about John, Greg and Ian. For example John, he is a smart man, hardworking student and after graduated he work as accounting of firm but he feels angry to the world , at live and all. So dispite his successful career john did not know what he wanted nor did he even know what he liked to do during his spare time.

Pasha Agoes have many solution to solve subtle tragedies. First people have to discover his gift because he believes that every person on this earth has a gift. A gift that comes naturally to them and when they use it like signature of the soul for that particular person. When the people discover that they had a love for book. They loved reading and writing. Second, life becomes a journey. If we understand that life is a journey we have to plan about our life. Writing a list of long and short term goals is important because that we would achieve most of the goals. Third, Self reliance or silaturahmi in Indonesian said. Spent any time of working and calls people is very good ways because we don’t know in the future we need someone or someone need us. Fourth is risk. Everything in our lives involves a certain degree of risk. When we was a baby, we learned how to walk still face the risk of falling on his or her face. In our life, mistake are sources of blessing, knowledge, and wisdom. The bigger the mistake, the bigger and more valuable the lesson. Finally make a little moments was happiness. Sometimes lighter, happier side of life is important to increase happiness side of your life. And make a list of moment things that make you happy like I am happy with each moment I spend with my wife or you happy when you are praying etc.

The last massage from this book is when you get up in the morning, it is passion that fuels you. Not fear or anxiety. You must have a clear vision in the mind, aren’t stuck on blaming others or unfortunate circumstances for your situation. You must claim your life and breathe a powerful spirit into yourselves and your spirit expands to the people around them. In the end not only do your inspire yourselves, you inspire others.


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